The building of the Békés County Police Headquarters has become safer, more modern, and more energy-efficient

2024. 01. 31.

The building of the Békés County Police Headquarters in Békéscsaba was renovated in 2018 with new doors and windows, as well as thermal insulation on the facade and foundation, as part of an investment financed by the Environmental and Energy Efficiency Operational Program.

The Békés County Police Headquarters is a prominent institution in the region, and the building located in Békéscsaba is intensively used throughout the year. In recent years, it has become essential to undergo renovations that improve energy efficiency and ensure sustainable operation for proper functioning.

The renovation project, titled “Energetic Development of the Buildings of the Békés County Police Headquarters,” was realized with the support of European Union funding, with NDSI National Development and Strategic Institute Nonprofit Ltd. leading the consortium.

As the first step in preparing for the investment, the energy conditions of the property were assessed. Calculations indicated that the most significant energy savings could be achieved through insulation of the building and upgrading of the old doors and windows. Accordingly, the facade openings were replaced, and a thermal insulation system was installed on the facade and foundation.

The project reduced the annual emission of greenhouse gases by more than 200 tons of CO2 equivalent. As a result of the modernization, the Békés County Police Headquarters has been operating since 2018 as a safer, more modern, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly institution.

The program was implemented with European Union funding under EEEOP- 5.2.2-16-2016-00072 project.

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