The modernized medical office in Tiszaalpár provides healing and health maintenance for the entire population

2024. 04. 05.

With the support of the Territorial and Settlement Development Operational Program, the infrastructural development of the medical office belonging to the No. I general practitioner district of Tiszaalpár and the related service apartment was implemented. The project reduced operating costs and contributed to enhancing the health preservation of the local population and improving the average health condition of the settlement.

The reconstruction of the medical office in the municipality of Bács-Kiskun County was necessary due to the the poor technical condition of the building. The bathrooms did not meet the current regulations, the roof was covered with health and environmentally harmful asbestos tiles, and renovation was also justified from an energy efficiency perspective. During the investment, two treatment rooms, a spacious waiting area, and accessible and standard toilets were created with the infrastructural development of the medical office and the service apartment. A diagnostic room was also established as part of the project, where ECG examinations and blood sampling are performed. This facilitated the diagnostics for people with mobility impairments, the elderly, and those living in deep poverty, as they no longer need to travel to Kecskemét for these examinations.

Asbestos removal was achieved through roof replacement, and external thermal insulation, window replacement, vapor and soil moisture insulation, and a solar panel system were installed in the building. In addition to replacing the entire electrical and water supply network in the building, a central heating system was installed with the incorporation of a condensing gas boiler, making the maintenance of the building more cost-effective. With the completed project, the leadership of Tiszaalpár not only improved the conditions of care but also ensured that the medical office complies with the requirements set out in the regulations.

The general objective of the project was to develop gatekeeper primary care services, creating basic care that meets not only the requirements but also the expectations of the residents. By making the building accessible to both physically and sensory impaired individuals, the project ensures what was set out as one of the main objectives of the Healthy Hungary 2014-2020 Health Sector Strategy: reducing regional health inequalities.

According to the Fundamental Law of Hungary, everyone has the right to physical and mental health, as the health status of the population fundamentally determines the fate and prospects of Hungary. The comprehensive objectives of the Healthy Hungary 2014-2020 Health Sector Strategy were to increase life expectancy at birth, promote the individual and social value of physical and mental health, promote health-conscious behavior, enforce individual responsibility, and reduce regional health inequalities and differences in life expectancy at birth. Achieving a public health turnaround may require decades of work, which is why the Healthy Hungary 2021-2027 Health Sector Strategy aims to maintain the goals set until 2020 through long-term measures.

The development was implemented from EU funding in the project TOP-4.1.1-15-BK1-2016-00011 under the Territorial and Settlement Development Operational Program.

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