Three municipalities in Vas county enriched with a modernised drinking water system

2023. 12. 13.

The water quality in the areas of Répcelak, Csánig, and Nick has been improved with the introduction of new technology.  Supported by the Environmental and Energy Efficiency Operational Programme, the water treatment plant in Répcelak was transformed and modernized. This included the introduction of a new water treatment technology with a capacity of thirty cubic meters per hour and the installation of control automation.

Providing drinking water to the population is one of the most important public services, meeting an essential human need and public health requirement.  In addition to continuous supply to residents, an important aspect of the development was that schools and kindergartens operate in the three affected municipalities, which also increased the demand for impeccable quality drinking water.

The Répcelak water base relies on three drilled wells, whose mixed water typically contained iron, manganese, and ammonium above the main pollutant threshold.  Therefore, the primary reason for introducing the new technology was to reduce these components below acceptable limits and ensure this reduction is sustained. The engine house building was completely renovated, and necessary reconstruction works were carried out on the network established in 1965, including pipe and fitting replacements. 

As part of the project, the new water treatment technology was implemented at the Répcelak water treatment plant, for which the existing wells’ capacity was sufficient. After the renovation and transformation, the treatment building was adapted to accommodate the planned technology, namely iron and manganese removal based on breakpoint chlorination, and ammonia removal with an activated carbon filter. Additionally, the mechanical and architectural renovation of two two-hundred cubic meter storage tanks was also completed.

With the implementation of the project, the municipalities of Répcelak, Csánig, and Nick in Vas County now have an adequate quantity and quality of drinking water for the population.

The program was implemented with European Union funding under the EEEOP- 2.1.3-15-2017-00068 project.

More details can be found in the supported project search: Details



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