Within the framework of an European Union program, the meteorological service’s information system has been expanded

2024. 04. 04.

The warning systems of the HungaroMet Hungarian Meteorological Service Provider Nonprofit Ltd. (formerly the National Meteorological Service) play a key role in protecting the lives and property of the population. Due to the effects of climate change, extreme weather events are increasingly frequent in Hungary as well. Therefore, it is essential for targeted preparation for the effects of climate change to have accurate knowledge of the current direction and extent of changes in Hungary.

The emergencies caused by extreme weather can be forecasted in advance by running simulations and climate modeling through HungaroMet. These simulations and modeling are computer-based, so it is essential to keep these tools up-to-date to ensure that HungaroMet operates the warning systems serving the protection of the population with accurate data.

The project named “Mapping the Effects of Climate Change in Hungary through Regional Climate Model Simulations and Development of a Representative Climatic Database,” implemented under the Environmental and Energy Efficiency Operational Program (KEHOP), effectively contributed to the operation of the warning system. Its goal was to develop a comprehensive, detailed spatial information database system filled with meteorological data, which serves as an objective background for adaptation planning and decision-making.

During the project, high-resolution climate model simulations were created to better understand the possible directions of climate change expected in Hungary. Additionally, the update and increase in temporal resolution of the grid point measurement database were realized, which is essential for providing a more detailed description of past and present climates and for more accurate examination of model behavior. Furthermore, a web-based spatial information system was developed, and users are continuously trained and supported in the proper application of model results.

During the development period of the project, a high-performance supercomputer was procured for performing climate modeling tasks. Thanks to the expansion, the forecasting of weather events posing risks became significantly faster and more accurate.

The development was implemented from EU funding in the project KEHOP-1.1.0-15-2015-00001 under the Environmental and Energy Efficiency Operational Program.

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