World-class production simulation tools for vocational training

2023. 09. 29.

The project, titled „Innovative training to support the upgrading of the economy” was implemented in nine locations by the Innovative Training Support Centre. The Vocational Training Centre in Győr is one of the strongholds of vocational training in Hungary, where – in the spirit of digitalisation – the learning processes of students are greatly assisted by ten state-of-the-art production simulation tools, procured with the support of the European Union. The project implemented in the 2014-2020 period contributes to the development of the domestic economy and to the increase of Hungary’s competitiveness.

The aim of this large-scale project is to actively participate in the renewal of vocational education and training, to establish a system of accredited examination centres and sectoral training centres, and to develop training programmes and content.

At one of the project sites, the Vocational Training Centre in Győr, ten production simulation training tools now support students’ learning. The world-class devices know all the functions of the Industry 4.0 programme and can simulate a total of eight manufacturing elements. According to a European Parliament resolution, Industry 4.0 describes the organisation of production processes based on technology and devices autonomously communicating with each other, creating a “smart” factory of the future in which computer-driven systems monitor physical processes. The machines effectively support educational activities, particularly in the field of information technology and mechatronics, by demonstrating the production process from the receipt of raw materials to the finished product and the storage.

By using the tools, students learn in school how the process works by bringing the whole production line into the classroom. The students learn all the intervention and control options, so they can be more effective in the labour market after the training.

The project was implemented in the framework of GINOP-6.1.10-VEKOP-19-2020-00002 project, with EU funding.

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